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Well im going to try to be as lenient as i can with this.

First off the face is what bothers me. The space between the upper and lower jaw are way too big compares to how it should be. Meaning, it looks too small for something that shouldn't be.
The ears are a bit too small for the head. Maybe looking at real pictures of cats may help. Again anatomy could use a lot more work. The blood isn't dark enough to even be blood. It looks too red. So looking at real blood or animal blood and such would help.
The claws shouldn't be white. Why? because no animal (that i know of) has white claws. only black ones. besides they look a little too long for the paw and very out of place i should say.

But the good thing about this picture is the grass. It's very well made and the fur lineart looks really nice.

So there you have it, and i hope you find this critique useful for future drawings~
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